We create dedicated IT solutions


What we do


We advise and analyze

We start each project by understanding your business needs and propose the best solution. We will effectively combine your goals with the right kind of technology.
We'll make sure that in every scenario in which your application is used, it leaves a positive impression on your users. We help you visualize your final product by providing advanced mock-ups of the system and interface.

We design UX/UI


We program

We create thoughtful, lightweight and scalable code. We use agile development methodologies such as the SCRUM approach. You will get fast, regular and valuable insights on the workings of your software solution.
We care about the quality of work and we stake our reputation on it. Through good communication and a close working relationships between our clients and our competent project managers and certified specialists, we guarantee our high quality standards.

We care about quality

Our portfolio

  • Krzyżtopór castle

    A mobile application for a tourist facility in Poland - The Castle of The Crusader. Nowadays, the castle is in ruins, but thanks to our augmented reality application, visitors can visualize high-definition 3D reconstructions of the castle during its heyday on their smartphones and tablets. It works through Bluetooth proximity beacons integrated into the application, which notify the user that a visualization of individual panoramas has been activated whenever a beacon is on range.

  • Your idea - our implementation!

    Check out our latest projects

  • Challenger

    An app that allows you to challenge your friends and compete in any area of your choice. Challenge your mates in sports, health, habits, business performance and more! It is designed to seemingly encourage you and your friends to find ways in which to motivate each other to act.

  • Zbudujplan.pl

    Distribution service dedicated to the issue of life and protection insurance against the consequences of serious illness. The application allows you to accurately calculate the premiums and finally conclude a policy with the insurance company.

  • Health applications for patients

    We develop software solutions that improve patient and healthcare providers connect and interact more effectively. Our latest project involves the development of a tool which allows patients to connect more effectively with mental health specialists, plan their appointments and review information about their previous visits online securely and confidentially.

  • yeMath

    An application that helps you practice multiplication tables as well as other three basic mathematical operations with configurable difficulty levels and dynamic scoreboards.

  • Aplication for healthcare providers

    We also are working on developing an application that allows clinicians to manage their individual and team work flow; send and receive notifications; view and share patient data securely; coordinate HR management by seemingly reporting absences and plan holidays; perform confidential online consultations via a dedicated and encrypted video conferencing and chat system.

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